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FRAMED is a new category of interior device which allows digital art to illuminate the space with the ease of hanging a painting or an art piece.

The evolution of the technologies around the PC and the web has brought out an expansive range and depth in digital art, a field which infuses various media including graphic, video, program, application and web. FRAMED was designed as “a new form of art frame” to enjoy and experience such new forms of digital art within a normal, daily setting.

Through “FRAMED GALLERY”, the FRAMED-exclusive online art gallery accessed from the device, users can instantly purchase and collect artworks from artists from around the world and enjoy them directly on the device. FRAMED uniquely offers a wide spectrum of digital art, from time-synched interior pieces to interactive work using the camera/microphone and the web.

Housed within a mere 36mm depth, a set of 55-inch large LED display, high-spec PC, high-performance webcam/microphone and a Wi-Fi module offers an extensive range of interactive experience.
Austerely removing every millimeter of unnecessary curves and edges, a flawless square form is composed with perfect 90-degree angle joint of the glass and stainless steel, achieving beauty even to the very back cover finish.
A product designed with acute sense to detail and material choices, it is not only a perfect backdrop for showcasing the artworks but also a serene presence within the space.

Users use their iPhone/iPad to control FRAMED remotely.
The FRAMED app allows the user to easily perform a wide range of tasks, from the simple adjustments such as volume and sound control, to more complex functions such as purchasing and installing artworks, and scheduling playback times. Some artworks utilize the iPhone touch panel as a wireless trackpad, allowing the user to interact with the FRAMED device itself.

There are many ways to place FRAMED in a space. From a standard “wall-hanging” unit to a uniquely designed “low-stand,” users can enjoy a variety of ways in which FRAMED is set up.
Wall Hanging :
The specially-designed wall hanger allows the device to hang at only 26mm from the wall, seamlessly blending FRAMED into the space.
High Stand :
A simple, side-board like stand that is easy to set up. Its slightly angled, sculpture-like presence adds just the right amount of accent to the room.
Low Stand :
Like a framed poster leaning against a wall, this stand allows FRAMED to be casually positioned on the floor. Emitting light near the floor surface, FRAMED can also illuminate a room as a lighting source.

High Stand

Low Stand