aka_chang 張方禹
As a lighting artist, aka_chang focuses on the textures and the senses of the temperature from multiple lighting materials. Use the ray of light materials to construct the sculpture that sites in space and interact with the sound. Early entry into the visual arts field as a VJ, he is the founder of the “muse-whisper VJ Team”, and the first VJ info platform that was written in Mandarin: ”Zuirens”. He is an important promoter of the rise of Taiwan's contemporary VJ culture. aka_chang’s work “Rainforest of Oslo” was selected by Taipei Digital Arts Award in 2008. “June Orbs” was selected by Kaohsiung Award in 2020. In recent years, His several audiovisual works of composite multiple optical media include: “Void Jungle” and “Fallen Building” in 2016, "Sketch GDPN” and "Struct by Kindling” in 2018, “Multimmersion” series in 2017 and 2019.

光之藝術家。專注於各種發光媒材的質地與溫度感知,應用光的媒材形塑結構,涉及空間與聲音之間的關係。早期以VJ的身份進入視覺藝術領域,為 muse-whisper VJ團隊”創始人。開創首個以中文書寫的VJ資訊平台”燧人氏 Zuirens”,是為台灣當代VJ文化興起的重要推手。
作品《奧斯陸的雨林》入選台北數位藝術獎(2008)。音像交互作品《六月球兒》亦入選2020高雄獎。近年幾則複合多重光媒材的音畫交互作品包括:《白靄林》、《墜落建設》(2016)。《Sketch GDPN》、《光形成的結構》(2018)。《浸漬的()線》(2017/2019)


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