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Price:USD $50
"Adrift" is an unstable translucent digital material that is become visible by reflecting and refracting the light from its surrounding environment. The environment is created by walking in the latent space of a trained AI model of the natural environments. The constant changes in the shape of the material are causing its surface to reflect the evolving environment differently. Thus, ever-changing forms emerge from the interaction between them. The piece tries to explore the blue mind effect in the digital mediated age.
Price:USD $50
Arash Akbari is a music producer and new-media artist, based in Tehran, Iran. His interest in dynamic art systems, nonlinear narrative and the co-existence between physical and digital worlds compelled him to explore the fields of generative systems, interaction design, and real-time processing.
Akbari directs his experimental practices into audio-visual performances and installations, interactive applications and multisensory experiences. His music compositions include field recordings, musical instruments, digital synthesis, DSP and noise.
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