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Price:USD $35
by Arash Akbari

Twilight is a generative piece, inspired by the poetic color compositions of dusk and dawn sky. It aims at exploring the visual aesthetics of this phenomena in an abstract way by creating emerging digital forms, which are driven by the variations of the system's state.
The parameters change every one minute to give the piece a new look and it changes the overall mood during day and night.

Day-Night Mode:
The artwork uses clock as an input to change the color palette. The piece is more bright and warm during the day, and more dark and cold at the night. The change occurs from 5am to 6am and 5pm to 6pm, close to the time of dusk and dawn.

Connection to the internet:
This artwork does not require an internet connection.

Made with vvvv.
Price:USD $35
Arash Akbari is a music producer and new-media artist, based in Tehran, Iran. His interest in dynamic art systems, nonlinear narrative and the co-existence between physical and digital worlds compelled him to explore the fields of generative systems, interaction design, and real-time processing.
Akbari directs his experimental practices into audio-visual performances and installations, interactive applications and multisensory experiences. His music compositions include field recordings, musical instruments, digital synthesis, DSP and noise.
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