Price:USD $100
Chromograph 01
by B. Johansson

The Chromograph in its original form is a color-changing, abstract, analog clock coded in Processing.

Chromograph 01 is a 60 minute long looping video derived from that code, with the colors limited to a range between Yellow and Orange.

The video comprises 108,000 individual frames, all of which have been deleted. Due to certain randomizing functions in the Chromograph code, any attempt to repeat the steps to create a new video would yield a different result.
Price:USD $100
Bjorn is a Swedish-American designer and artist who's been doing experimental digital work since the mid 2000’s.

Influenced by a wide variety of things like graffiti, typography, mathematics and color theory, he uses self taught programming skills to create generative digital works in languages like Processing and openFrameworks.

More work, both personal and professional, can be found at vsxop.com
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