Price:USD $50
by CeroTreees

Believing in originality as a singularity is a deep state of mind that keeps you aways from the reality of what surrounds you as a glitch. It happens more than onces, As we come together to amaze ourselves in the innovation and exploration of what humans can achieve as a unified force. I think by myself as I act by myself the singularity is an illusion as many feel, act and believe the same. Human race ex machina. As we believe we are independent we are all part of the same system influencing each other grinding against each other. We are not the first, we are not the last, we are the logic behind the surreal, the order behind the chaos, we are the pistons that make the machine work.
Price:USD $50
+ CEROTREEES is a creative studio exploring the Static & Moving state of Design, based in London UK and operating world wide. +.


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