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Price:USD $60
by Fan Guo

Light of the sky. Or is it the glow beneath a raging ocean, breath of a slumbering beast, or fluctuation of the void?

Skylight is a generative animation coded in Processing. In this work I wanted to explore the equilibrium between algorithmic abstraction, natural complexity and visual ambiguity. The program renders in realtime and runs indefinitely.
Price:USD $60
Fan is a designer based in San Francisco and Beijing. He graduated from Tsinghua University with degrees in CS and video game design. He is most intrigued by the connection between the abstract facet of algorithm and the complexity of the real world.

It is also from this connection that Fan develops his aesthetic and narrative, where mathematical simplicity naturally burgeons dynamic elegance. In addition, he explores possibility of storytelling through a minimalist approach, not only as an aesthetic preference, but also a response to algorithm art’s inherent tendency of resorting to massive scale and quantity.


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