Price:USD $30
Digital Gardener
by Futura Epsis 1

“Digital Gardener” is a homage to the relativity in perception of time that humans and plants experience.
Originally created as a 4 dimensional, physical artwork made out of laser printed, transparent foils layered between sheets of glass “Digital Gardener” is now available as a digital release.

The program that generated the high-resolution prints can now be experienced as animated artwork that automatically toggles between a dark and bright theme at 6 am and 6 pm.

“Digital Gardener” explores how complexity can develop out of simplicity through iteration.

Each single shape in the artwork is a result of autonomously acting constructs that, once equipped with a ruleset grow over time.

Individual forms generate new and unique patterns in every iteration of their generation, an ever changing cycle generating new appearances over and over again.

Made with Processing.
Price:USD $30
Exhibited next to the forbidden city in Beijing China, the Kremlin in Moscow and across Shakespeares Hamlets castle in Denmark.

Published from Bloomsbury and Computer Arts to Wired the 1986 born German artist A. Rothaug explores visual aesthetics, transforming data like light, sound or movement into artificial systems that produce stunning experiences and cutting edge graphics.

Having worked together worldwide with golden record artists, top 100 rated agencies and indie-clients alike for over a decade FE1 stands for quality content, passionate love for detail and a drive for innovation between philosophy and physics, nature and technology.
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