Price:USD $50
Newtonian fluid stimulation
by Futura Epsis 1

In 1687 Sir Isaac Newton, english mathematician, physicist and astronomer published his highly influential book “Principia Mathematica”, introducing mathematical models for fluids that account for viscosity.

Over 300 years later in 2018, his calculations are the foundation of a computer program designed as a drawing tool.

Producing his own tools for creation, 1986 born German artist A. Rothaug bridges the gap between traditional art methods and computer generated graphics with a series of 6 editions, produced as analogue and digital artworks.

Utilizing the Apple pencil, a fluid system running on the iPad was “stimulated” to generate geometrical patterns. Individual frames and layers of these drawings were then human-curated and selected for print.

On FRAMED you can experience new combinations of these drawings every 60 seconds with a smooth transition.

Made with Processing, openFrameworks, Objective-C++
Price:USD $50
Exhibited next to the forbidden city in Beijing China, the Kremlin in Moscow and across Shakespeares Hamlets castle in Denmark.

Published from Bloomsbury and Computer Arts to Wired the 1986 born German artist A. Rothaug explores visual aesthetics, transforming data like light, sound or movement into artificial systems that produce stunning experiences and cutting edge graphics.

Having worked together worldwide with golden record artists, top 100 rated agencies and indie-clients alike for over a decade FE1 stands for quality content, passionate love for detail and a drive for innovation between philosophy and physics, nature and technology.
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