Price:USD $59
Liquid Dreams
by Giovanni Muzio

'Liquid Dreams' is a series of works exploring the convergences and divergences between nature and machine.

A Neural Network trained on different large datasets of different kind explores the latent space, dreaming of landscapes where it doesn’t belong to. The inherent encoding of the dreams tries to resembles the forces of the nature, resulting in these dreams liquified and distorted, lost in the juxtaposition of machine and nature, poetic hallucinations caught in an electric whispering. The remarkable questions remains: Do dreams have an electric nature?

Each work is the result of a training of a different dataset with different algorithms applied in the encoding process of these dreams. The one presented on FRAMED* is trained on images of nebulae, and is presented as a 6 minutes video loop.
Price:USD $59
Kesson (Giovanni Muzio) is a Creative Technologist, New Media Artist, Developer and Researcher, whose work is focused on the social impact of the paradigms introduced by new Media, constantly combining Visual Art and the latest trends in technology, making State Of The Art Immersive Experiences.

He works extensively with Generative Art and Neural Networks to make compelling artworks. Believing that there are many ways to reach the same goal, he explores the endless possibilities offered by new technologies, with a minimal but yet uncanny aesthetics in a mix of order and chaos, algorithmic compositions merged with randomness leading to a perfect balance of code and poetry.
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