Henry Driver is a UK based artist fascinated by the speed at which technology is increasingly dominating our lives, leading to the blurring of physical and virtual worlds. He creates immersive artworks that critique and communicate the issues, effects and ethics that technology causes. To create works, Driver combines a variety of mediums such as projection mapping, sculpture, sound, CGI and video, as well as creating interactive works that utilise experimental game design.

Driver has shown internationally in Berlin, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Toronto, Sydney and, most recently, in Montreal for MUTEK Festival 2017. Nationally, he has shown at Tate Liverpool, Tate Britain, Whitechapel Gallery and The Barbican. His videos have also been broadcast in over forty countries.

In the summer of 2014, Driver’s interactive video installation ‘Odyssey’ was selected by former Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey to be exhibited at Tate Liverpool. Following this, ‘Odyssey’ was shortlisted and exhibited in York for the global Aesthetica Art Prize 2016. Driver was then selected and published in the XL Catlin Guide 2016 “…this guide brings together art’s next big names” (Dazed and Confused Magazine, 2016).

In 2017 Driver was part of alt.barbican, a six month accelerator residency organized by The Barbican, British Council and The Trampery, for artists working at the intersection of arts and technology. Alongside this, he was also provided a research and development grant by Collusion to explore critical and innovative uses of Virtual and Augmented Reality.


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