Price:USD $60
made with code (processing)
endless generation
20:00-6:00 - night-mode (dimmed contrast)
structural change within 1 hour

Looking back at my accomplishments over the last years, I recognize apart, from various formal approaches, a continuous drive for structural condensation.
For structural condensation up to a point where the shapes begin to apparently depart from their usual meanings and are not clearly perceptible anymore.
In this structural void an entirely new pattern for composing comes into being – an abstraction of fissuring and reformation.
Seen in a sober and technical manner, one may perceive the eternal balancing of meaning, magnitude, colour, shades and properties in order to make out a sound in this ravaged chaos.
Most like to walking a tight-rope with concrete and depictive dynamics on one side and the white noise of ambientesque or tranceesque rhythmical harmony on the other.
Price:USD $60
Art Academy Dresden, diploma / master-student / post graduate media design @ CIMdata, Berlin / freelance media artist since 1998 / code based print / animation / 3d / www.e-art.co
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