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A polymino or polyomino is a geometric object obtained by joining several squares or cells of the same size so that each pair of neighboring cells share one side. Like many puzzles in recreational mathematics, polyominoes raise many combinatorial problems. The most basic is enumerating polyominoes of a given size. No formula has been found except for special classes of polyominoes. A number of estimates are known, and there are algorithms for calculating them.

However, it is one of the great challenges in the history of mathematics. These puzzles were also popularized in the 80s with the first arcade video games such as Tetris, which, like this infinite work, developed an aesthetic typical of the cyber age. Developed with the vvvv programming language Polyomino builds mathematical and computational compositions in an endless drift that is reminiscent of abstract geometric and constructivist paintings.
Price:USD $50
Jaime de los Rios ( San Sebatian, Spain. 1982 ) is New Media artist and Founder of Arteklab;Art&Science , his career focuses on the intersection of these disciplines and Systemics , especially regarding the mechanisms, rhythms and patterns of cybernetics. Expert in Free Software and Hardware, we find in his work, much of which is collaborative, immersive environments and dynamic works that relate the computational and natural behavior.
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