Price:USD $55
The border
by kynd

Beauty emerges from where things meet. Colors flowing against each other, drift, swirl and mix to create an ever-changing, delicate, yet intricate patterns. At times a landscape, an ocean, a forest or a satellite image appear –– many of these at a same time or none of them.

Intricate flow of the colors is controlled by real time fluid simulation based on Navier–Stokes equations. Forces applied slowly diverge into different directions slowly pushing the colors in complex manner. The same pattern never occurs twice.

The artwork uses camera to detect motion in surroundings to affect the simulation. Moving in front of camera speeds up and stirs the flow.

This artwork was created with openFrameworks.
Price:USD $55
Designer/Creative coder.

Having specialized in traditional oil painting, kynd now explores the boundaries between computer algorithms, handcrafted aesthetics and physical phenomena, from statistic visuals to motion film and live performance.

His work has been featured extensively in both print and online journals, including CreativeApplications.Net, Wired, POSTmatter, Gizmodo, and designboom. His acclaimed animations have been screened at film festivals including the Melbourne international Film Festival, Animex Festival London and Punto y Raya Festival.



彼の作品は、CreativeApplications.Net、Wired、POSTmatter、Gizmodo、designboomなど、紙媒体にもオンラインメディアにも幅広く取りあげられており、メルボルン国際映画祭、アニメックスフェスティバルロンドン、Punto y Raya Festivalなどの映画祭で上映された彼のアニメーションは絶賛され、その活動は多岐に渡ります。
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