Price:USD $65
by N O R M A L S

We take web browsers, webpages, and conventional layouts of text + images for granted. Even with WebGL, Unity, and other means of experimenting with what we see online, conventions remain conventional when it comes down to HTTP. We read hypertext as text (well, and images), and browsers are designed towards minimal alteration of that data. Enter alternative interpretations of HTML. How about treating the many hyperlinked nodes we see as ‘pages’ differently? What does the web look like when detached from the semiotics of print?

L I T T L E B R O W S E R is an experimental web browser and game engine hybrid. Fed with a single 'home' url, an autonomous crawler navigates web pages of which main elements have been translated into game objects—links become gates, divs are clouds, images turn to trees…

L I T T L E B R O W S E R is a game that plays itself. Your player-character will travel from one url to the other, with every new page appearing in the form of a new level, with a generative terrain, and new gateways to travel through. If it ever lands on a corrupted url, or a dead link, the game will be over and an overview of visited domains will appear temporarily before starting a new trip from the home page.

Day-mode / night-mode:
The game is set in two color-schemes: day and night. While the environment is bright and colored during the day, the game switches to a white on black edge-detection shader for the night. Night-mode is active between 8PM and 6AM local time.

Connection to the internet:
This application only requires an internet connection. If your connection is down, or if you experience network issues, a "Check Connection" message will appear on your screen. Once the connection issue is resolved the app will get back onto its course. It also possible for certain servers to respond rather slowly—if certain data requests take too long, the app will 'refresh' its current level and autonomously attempt to gather new content. If servers remain silent, it will eventually go back to the previous url.

Under the hood:
This application was made with Processing 3, and uses the ProHTML library by Tex.
Price:USD $65
N O R M A L S is a collection of works lying at the intersection of design and fiction. A mix of the visual, literary, prototypical, and functional, the duo’s works create a rich narrative universe—an anticipated future. Desirable to some, distressing to others, their vision is fuelled by our present-day dreams of ubiquitous 3D printing and algorithmic superstition. Their works include an augmented reality garment exhibited at Pratt Gallery during New York Fashion Week, a parametric typeface called N O R M A L T Y P E, and an eponymous graphic novel series.


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