Price:USD $150
Kids, adult, monster, robot, and everyone screams for many reasons!

(Makoto Kubota)
In the same theme as Munch’s “The Scream”, I and JUN OSON expressed our “The Scream”. Kids, adult and grandma! Everybody scream!


ムンクが描いた『叫び』と同じテーマで、JUN OSONさんと僕が思う『叫び』を表現しました。子供も大人もおばあさんもエブリバディ スクリーム!
Price:USD $150
(Japanese translation below)
Edvard Munch (1863-1944)—the great modern painter and creator of The Scream, one of the world’s best-known paintings who continued to face and depict his own life for his entire life, using various media as well as paintings.

This collection was realized in commemoration of a large retrospective “Munch: A Retrospective” being held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum has featured some 100 works primarily from the Munch Museum in Norway’s capital, Oslo, the artist’s hometown.
13 members of contemporary artists created works inspired by Edvard Munch’s works including his representative piece “The Scream”, his technique, his words, his life or his existence itself.

Munch’s works now became the public domain. Images of works are captured at super high resolution can now be viewed from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Nevertheless, the value of the actual painting never fades.
Meanwhile, modern artists tend to have more opportunities to be accepted by people through the Internet more than having opportunities to actually exhibit works which often lead us to think about the value of art.
However, like Munch, he repeatedly produced works that are the same theme and motif by several methods such as painting and printmaking. It can be said that it is a universal form of production for modern artists as well. If Munch was alive today, how did he capture and understand these works?

These artists with amazing sensitivity created exciting new workgroup that reinterpreted and updates the theme "Munch". Please enjoy this collaboration beyond time.



多彩な感性の作家たちは、 “ムンク”という題材を捉え直し、アップデートするような刺激的な新しい作品群を生み出しました。時を超えたコラボレーションをお楽しみ下さい。

Minami Kitamura / 北村みなみ
ObakeQuick / クイックオバケ
JUN OSON × Makoto Kubota / JUN OSON × 窪田慎
Yutanpo Shirane / 白根ゆたんぽ
Tombosensei × Hideki Inaba / とんぼせんせい×稲葉秀樹
Kouhei Nakama / 中間耕平
Masanobu Hiraoka /平岡政展
face × Baku Kinoshita / face×木下麦
Tooru Morooka / 師岡とおる

Organized by: PARCO
Production: P.I.C.S.
Director: TAKCOM
Space Design: Takashi Nakahara
Technical cooperation, Music section video production: aircord
Graphic Design: Shun Sasaki
Equipment cooperation: FRAMED*
Association: FLAU
More Works by JUN OSON - Makoto Kubota / JUN OSON×窪田慎 :


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