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Stars (estrellas) tell us when and where we are. By grouping them into shapes, giving them names and learning their stories, they could also tell us about who we are.

Estrellas is a windows to the starry sky. Shows the precise position of the stars and other heavenly bodies (such us the sun, our moon and the planets of our solar system) at the current time. Bring back the awareness of the cosmos to our urban life.

This work is a reminiscence of an era when we knew how to read the sky for answers presented as the silent landscape of all experience, as an omnipresent iris, a door to discovery our selfs.

Connection to the internet:
This artwork does require an internet connection.


Jen Lowe is a writer and researcher based in Brooklyn. Jen taught at NYU ITP and SVA's Design for Social Innovation program. She was a researcher at the Spatial Information Design Lab at Columbia University, and she cofounded the School for Poetic Computation. She's spoken at SXSW and Eyeo, and contributed ideas at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Her work has been published in Scientific American and covered by The New York Times and Fast Company. Jen is also a member of DeepLab, a collaborative group of women researchers, artists, writers, engineers, and cultural producers.
Price:USD $36
Patricio Gonzalez Vivo is an artist and engineer who uses code and light to turn data into stunning landscapes. His landscapes address the problem of scale and time. Technology helps us to see where our eyes are otherwise blind, pushing our cognitive limits. Although his work is technically sophisticated his process is driven by curiosity and playful tinkering. Binoculars, telescopes, astrolabes, compasses, grids, maps, and photographs are some of the apparatus that trigger his imagination.

Patricio’s work has been shown at EYEO, Resonate, FILE, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, and FASE. He was a MediaLab resident at Centro Cultural Español. Patricio currently makes open source mapping tools at Mapzen. His work has been featured in Gizmodo, The Atlantic, and Fast Company. He developed visual systems for the interactive Clouds documentary. He's taught at Parsons The New School, NYU ITP, and SFPC (School for Poetic Computation).
More Works by Patricio González Vivo:


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