Price:USD $77
by radugadesign

“Rainbow by radugadesign” is a series of 7 artworks that stands for the rainbow colours. As a main concept we chose rainbow which is a symbol of unity and synergy of the nature forces. On the basis of each work there is an image of something familiar and habitual as the sky, the sea, the forest transformed by the digital code into pure media abstraction.

By this series we present the new spatial perception of colour through the vision of the generative algorithm. It is capable to generate an independent piece of art out of any image into patterns and 3D objects. The theme of code runs through the whole concept of the series, including the titles of the works, numbers of edition and pricing. Two latest are rhymed with 7, the number of colours in the rainbow.
Price:USD $77
Radugadesign studio is a team of unique professionals united by the passion for new media. At the heart of the new ideas generation and studio aesthetics is multidisciplinary outlook of designers, artists and programmers.
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