Price:USD $60
by Seph Li

InkFall is an interactive piece using digital techniques to make ancient Chinese paintings come alive. The inspiration for the work reaches back 3000 years, when Chinese artists first began creating Shanshui ink paintings. The emphasis in traditional Chinese ink paintings is on atmosphere, speci cally the fluid atmosphere of moving water. The ancient artists’ representation was limited by traditional techniques; once painted, the ink would not move. Viewers could only imagine the movement being depicted. Ink Fall experiments with bringing the concept of fluidity to a new reality through modern digital techniques, allowing viewers to perceive atmospheric changes over time.

InkFall has been exhibited multiple times in Shanghai, at Siggraph Asia Art Gallery in Macau and FILE Festival in São Paulo.

The software is written in Cinder. The interaction is triggered by movements from camera streams.
Price:USD $60
Seph Li(Beijing, 1988) has a mixed background in technology and design, and his keen interest in interactive art works led him into the field of media arts.

Seph has studied Computer Science and Entertainment Design at Tsinghua University in Beijing and earned his M.F.A. in Design | Media Arts at UCLA in the United States.

Seph has been experimenting with the role of interaction in storytelling using different forms, and also expanding his visual and conceptual vocabulary using installation, sculpture, video game, product prototypes. His work transcends the medium by poetically instancing technology.

His works have won awards including Japan Media Arts Festival, and have been shown at Siggraph, FILE Festival, Currents New Media Festival among other places.
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