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Price:USD $64
Empty Set
by Stain

Extremely simple mathematical concept, a set that contains zero elements, can be seen as a logical utopia, a conventionality.
The project explores possible reactions of a set to the events, a multitude’s memory and interconnections.
Sets are considered as dynamic environments that can organize unique forms of being.

Time structure combines long cyclical flows with slight randomness, rendering variety of almost static compositions from elements that form empty set symbol.
Slowly fluctuating image is woven out of constant feedback, where sudden emergence of a form and its dissolving in the information field create a new pattern of emptiness and substance.
Price:USD $64
Alexandra Gavrilova and Sergey Titov are Moscow artists, working together as Stain.
They are focused on abstract forms and concepts to find concentration in today's poly-dimensional information flow, seeing creative process as a way to render one's idea of the world and oneself, to learn more about principles of nature and human perception.
Stain works with generative methods to create graphics, audiovisual and light installations.


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