Price:USD $100
Synthetic Liquid Number 4
by Yoshi Sodeoka

Supported by a hybrid creative process that is both analog and digital, Sodeoka deploys an unconventional artistic approach that challenges the video medium. While questioning the major issues of visual media, its perception and the interpretation of the world in the digital age, the work navigates narrative universes with singularly ultra-guided aesthetics.

'Synthetic Liquid Number 4' is one of 6 new works by Yoshi Sodeoka whose organic forms and blatant colors open a portal to a psychedelic and illusory world far from reality.

The work is part of a 100% screen-based exhibition featuring a series of recent videos by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté and Japanese artist Yoshi Sodeoka, presented by UltraSuperNew Gallery in collaboration with Chromatic and MASSIVart, FRAMED and MUTEK.JP.
Price:USD $100
Yoshi Sodeoka is an artist based in New York for over two decades, whose work is characterised by his neo-psychedelic aesthetic and exploration of multiple media and platforms. Primarily comprising of video, GIFs and print his practice also simultaneously inhabits the world of fine art, music, publications, and advertising.
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