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by Yugo Nakamura

“DropClock” is an application that displays the current time via high-speed footage of Helvetica typography falling slowly into water.

This work captures the natural physical phenomena of “typography”, “water”" and “gravity” which interact complexly, displayed as digital unit. The concept of video as interior is evident in this work, and it will be pre-installed on FRAMED.

If displayed on four FRAMED devices, the screens can be synchronize to display the hours and minutes of a four-digit clock. (DropClock also runs on a single FRAMED device).
Price:Not for sale
Not for sale
Interface designer, video and animation director

Yugo Nakamura was born in Nara, Japan 1970. Since launching "" in 1999, he has pursued modes of expression through interactivitiy and animations both digitally and online.

Since 2000, he has continued to push the boundaries of design vocabulary and expanded the field of design. In addition, he is involved in the creative direction of “FRAMED” a platform aimed at the on-screen representation of new art forms.

Major Awards:

2009 Mainichi Design Award
2009 TDC Grand Prix
2003 Cannes International Advertising Festival Grand Prix
2003 OneShow Interactive Grand Prix
2007 Ars Electronica Prize

Major exhibitions:

2011 Tokyo Graphic Passport, Center Pompidou (Paris)
2008 Now Updating ... , ggg gallery (Tokyo)
2004 Design Interractif, Center Pompidou (Paris)
2003 History of Modern Design, Design Museum (London)
2001 Web Wizards, Design Museum (London)

Selection of works:

· INFOBAR (iida UI) User Interface Design
· Uniqlo web direction
· Directed the video "Design" NHK
· Morisawa FontPark 2.0
· NEC ecotonoha
More Works by Yugo Nakamura:


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