Price:USD $50
by CaoYuxi(JAMES)

RedTide_#1 is a procedurally generated visual that depicts and simulates a phenomenon known as algal bloom (large concentrations of aquatic microorganisms) in the nature world below the sea surface. It constantly grows and shrinks with its shape shifting. Sometimes it populates vastly like wild virus, or it dies like almost extinct. Just like us, like everything on the earth, it follows rules of nature and depicts the beauty of life within the fourth dimension.

Price:USD $50
CaoYuxi (JAMES) is an artist&coder based in New York City who define himself as an idealist trying to redeem his pledge under the social pragmatism pressure.

CaoYuxi designs, collaborates and consults on projects across the spectrum of sound-visualization, programming and computing. His innovative approach to creating art and incorporating technology has enabled CaoYuxi to generate and shape numerous design projects including space design, new media art installation and public art in both China and the U.S.

曹雨西的作品横跨声音可视化的新媒体表演,伪逻辑性篡改初级电脑脑或物理编程,数据可视化作为现成品的当代艺术,灯光或投影形式的公共艺术以及任何以 数字媒介产或流通的跨界形式。

他对自我的行为以及作品总结是:被整体社会意识形态逼迫下的理想主义者的自我我救赎,保留批判和自我批判意识的同时,坚持激进进取型的工作逻辑创新和深入。 2013年毕业于中央美术学院,2016年毕业于纽约视觉艺术学院计算机艺术系艺术硕士,现居留于美国纽约。


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