Price:USD $40
Born of the Air
by Claire Reika Wright

'Born of the Air' is a moving painting inspired by the abstract shapes and textures seen gazing up at the sky on cloudy days. The work was painted by hand on an iPad Pro using the Procreate app and an Apple pencil. Some twenty layers of media were then animated in Apple's Motion and Final Cut Pro. The sound track, which explores a 12 tone scale, was composed and recorded using Logic Pro.
Price:USD $40
Claire Reika Wright whilst originally a traditional painter using oils and acrylics began working in the digital domain back in the early 1990s and for the past 10 years has concentrated on moving image work. Her videos and interactive artworks have been short listed twice for the prestigous global Lumen Prize for digital art. Her work is in public and private collections around the world and her moving image work has recently been shown in exhibitions in London, Athens, Hong Kong and New York.
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