Price:USD $35
A system of autonomous agents, following its unknown path, changeable and elusive, dominated by the entropy of noise and chaos. The result is a work inspired by the sea during a storm, and it knows the Chaos as its only God!

The work is real time and generative and can run forever. It was developed in Processing with Custom GLSL Shaders and custom OpenGL implementation, and it is presented on FRAMED as a 3 minute video loop.
Price:USD $35
Kesson (Giovanni Muzio) is a Creative Technologist, New Media Artist, Developer and Researcher, whose work is focused on the social impact of the paradigms introduced by new Media, constantly combining Visual Art and the latest trends in technology, making State Of The Art Immersive Experiences.

He works extensively with Generative Art and Neural Networks to make compelling artworks. Believing that there are many ways to reach the same goal, he explores the endless possibilities offered by new technologies, with a minimal but yet uncanny aesthetics in a mix of order and chaos, algorithmic compositions merged with randomness leading to a perfect balance of code and poetry.
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