Price:USD $150
Minimal Garden 3
by Holger Lippmann

minimal garden 3
made with adobe flash, 2002-2015
6 animations, endless loop
(preview film has only 4 parts of 6, only half length)

during my work with adobe flash, fragments of grasses and moving plants occurred. I was captivated about dynamically programmed movement and construction, random values, Iteration, recursion or deterministic chaos. It seemed possible to simulate realistic physical behaviour very similar to what i observed with fascination in nature. i wanted to make something like a meditative movie, expressing in particular the beauty of flowers. not a real movie scenario, more like long shots of soft moving images, towards "moving drawings".

the starting point of many experiments was the simple process of creating a branching computational structure. for instance the tree; it grows in size and adjusts slightly its branches in rotation, with some degree of randomness. When a root element reaches a certain size, it spawns a random number of child elements. another central interest was the moving flowers and their unique designs of structural drawings which are endlessly generated.

during my work i finally ended up with a more and more abstract form which could support my impressions, maybe also because flowers usually seem so overlooked. the last forms I deliberately left were just lines and circles. i thought this was also significant in a wider sense, referring to the digital code itself; line as "one" (I) and circle as "zero" (O).

the application "minimal garden" is composed of 6 different patterns and a controller, which is calling up the single movies at random order and time.
Price:USD $150
Art Academy Dresden, diploma / master-student / post graduate media design @ CIMdata, Berlin / freelance media artist since 1998 / code based print / animation / 3d / www.e-art.co
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