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Cotret is a compression of time, a slow loop where colours and shapes evolve and confront themselves. As the loop repeats, the viewer can discover the temporality of each shape.

In Cotret (like in the previous work Caldeira) Nicolas Boillot uses his own set of images as a mask and a selected set of colours. Using a derivation of the slitscan technique and by changing luminosity and contrast of each image, he creates an "echo chamber" where shape gradually evolves.
Price:USD $45
Sold out
Nicolas Boillot is a visual artist who has been designing « brush » (a custom computer software in C++) capable of lacerating video flows by slicing only the moving parts. These forms in constant evolution are then used as a stencil shape. Like on a Praxinoscope, each fragment is added on a loop. In the lineage of the "poster artists" of the 1960s, by laceration, by accumulation, his works make coexist multiple temporalities.

Since 2015 he created 10 exclusive artworks for FRAMED :

- Calam (2020)
- Qualia (2019)
- Cotret (2019) (sold out)
- Precinct (2018)
- Kandid 3 (2018)
- Sylphe (2017)
- Palette (2017)
- Caldeira (2016)
- Cenotaph (2016)
- Kandid 2 (2015)

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