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Cotret is a compression of time, a slow loop where colours and shapes evolve and confront themselves. As the loop repeats, the viewer can discover the temporality of each shape.

In Cotret (like in the previous work Caldeira) Nicolas Boillot uses his own set of images as a mask and a selected set of colours. Using a derivation of the slitscan technique and by changing luminosity and contrast of each image, he creates an "echo chamber" where shape gradually evolves.
Price:USD $45
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Nicolas Boillot is an artist and researcher in digital art since 2001.
Franco-Swiss, he lives in Berlin (D).

His work focuses on the digital remix and its referential and critical potentialities. He confronts with the definition of remix by varying the medium used, the source material, the predominance of a sound, visual or textual form or the sampling methods, creating ‘selective’ or ‘reflexive’ remixes. During his Ph.D in research creation, his works evolved to push the boundaries of referential remix in favor of an 'outpaced remix', with a purpose more experimental than critical. This work, in constant evolution, has been the subject of several residences (Chile, Spain, France, Quebec) and individual and collective exhibitions in many countries (Germany, England, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Spain, France, Greece, Iran, Italy, Japan, Quebec, Switzerland, USA, Taiwan, Czech Republic).

It's from this research started in 2011 that the artworks on Framed* have been thought and created.

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