Nicolas Boillot is a French/Swiss artist living and working in Berlin (DE) and Nice (FR). His works, mostly real-time processed video installations have been shown in various new media exhibitions/festivals in Europe and America.

In 2016 he obtained the title of Doctor in visual studies from the University of Toulouse (FR), in the LARA (Laboratoire de Recherche en Audiovisuel). His research focus on how the digitalization of nearly all type of media and their increase accessibility with the Internet change the paradigm of remix practice in art.

His artwork has been shown in various new media exhibition including : Vidéoforme 30 (Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2015), Fantoche festival 12 and 13 (Baden, Switzerland, 2014-2015), Festival Vision’R #8 (Paris, France, 2013), File Festival (Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2013), (n)on site, (Km Temporaer, Berlin, Germany, 2013), RE/Mixed Media Festival (Brooklyn Lyceum, New York, U.S.A., 2012), Géographies variables (La Chambre Blanche, Quebec city, Canada, 2012), Born in 1987, The animated gif (The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK, 2012), Fach and Asendorf Gallery (Internet, Stuttgart, Kassel, Germany, 2012), Le Hublot (Nice, France, 2012), La Chambre Blanche, (Quebec city, Canada, 2010), La Bande vidéo (Quebec city, Canada, 2009), Norapolis VI and VII (Metz, France, 2008-2009), the 8th Video, Art and New Media Biennial of Santiago (Santiago, Chile, 2007), Art Tech Media (Spain, 2006) and the 25th Viper: International Film, Video and New Media Festival (Basel, Switzerland, 2006).


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