Price:USD $45
Natural Move
by Victor Doval

A mutating topology, a time-lapse of what could be mountains made up of chalk. A constant cyclic transformation that suggests many natural phenomena as the water movements or the cloud evolution.

This digital topography is created from fractal iterations based on the hidden proportions of the circle using Blender as the main tool.

The piece seeks to capture the essence of the movement itself along a calm and dynamic loop to suspend the observer in a state of attention to the present.

The artwork is presented as a video playing seamlessly 1500 images at 24 frames per second.
Price:USD $45
Victor Doval is an Spanish architect, designer and artist specialized in algorithmic composition.

His work is centered in breaking the limits between oneself and with the others. Using in the relation of math and nature as a source of pureness and a key to connect us with our essence.

After finishing his Architecture studies in 2012 he got deeply involved with parametric and procedural design what helped him to find a way of self-expression in generative digital art.

His artworks had been shown in MediaLab Madrid, Museu Valencià de la Il·lustració i la Modernitat (MUVIM), Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, Casa de Cultura de MontSerrat, SeAlquila Proyecto and many other places and events. As digital artist his main dynamic exposition is his own blog "Light Processes" which started as a side project and now counts with more than 50 thousand followers.
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